Pacific Time

by Chris Ronald

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released December 1, 2004



all rights reserved


Chris Ronald Vancouver, British Columbia

Originally from England now living in Vancouver, Canada, Chris Ronald's music has been described as a melding of British roots and North American folk. His vocal and songwriting talents have won him countless performances and a passionately loyal following. Ronald's third and most recent (2014) album, Timeline, was produced by award-winning producer and multi-instrumentalist John MacArthur Ellis. ... more

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Track Name: City Girl
She caught the slow train home
So harassed and tired
In the corner of the carriage all alone
And she works so hard
competing with the egos
That she drinks under the table in the bars

City girl, won’t you let me change your world
I can save you from the smoke and machines
City Girl, beyond suburban misery
This old country still holds beautiful things

Heavy eyes look on
Through a night of people sitting
In the light of tiny kitchens life goes on
As the train crawls by
And it eats another evening
She starts thinking about leaving come July


Let me change your world
Oh my city girl

In the morning rain
The never-ending track
Will lead her in the wrong direction once again
As she slips away
In among the workers’ faces
She forgets about new places for the day
Track Name: Shadow of the Stone
A beautiful face in the middle of nowhere
Carved from a fiery stone
Do you know of a place with such fatal attraction
You can’t seem to leave it alone?

And it’s high, you can climb it if you like
But you won’t have a reason why
Never mind, ‘cause it’s not your home
Under the shadow of the stone

She sits on the ground like a great dying ember
Beckoning anyone near
And the tourists drop by with their coaches and cameras
Affording a cost that’s so dear
Track Name: Pacific Time
Take me to the hills
I’ll be where you took me
Sun shines down on me
I’ll be where you took me

Leave me by the sea
Find me where you left me
Rain falls down on me
Find me where you left me

Just looking out up ahead
I’ll be on Pacific Time

Teach me what you know
I’ll use what you taught me
Time creeps up on me
I’ll use what you taught me
Track Name: Bones
Bones resting underground
Help me to lay your body down
Stone, a headboard for your bed
And soil just a pillow for your head

Bones, speak to me, comfort me as your child
Come back to life, I wanna be with you for a while

Bones, you slipped away too soon
Before you got to see your flowers bloom
Oh, if you could see what you’ve become
You would know that it’s only just begun


Bones, you showed me how to be
And still I carry a piece of you with me
Arms once open to the world
Are here ready and waiting to unfurl
Track Name: Don't Think I Don't Know
Alright I think it’s time for a bit more communication
I’ve been waiting so long I need just a little more information
Before you went you promised me that you’d be keeping me well in touch
But with your new life ahead I think it’s proving just too much
And there’s just one thing to say

Don’t think I don’t know
I know it all and you’ve not even told me so
Straight to the back of your mind is where I go
And don’t think I don’t know

Your photographs and loving words are rubbing salt into my wounds
And with my guitar in hand I’m thinking only sorry tunes
I lie awake and often think that I’d be better off on my own
I only want you to change my mind and find the time to telephone


And they were good times that we had and you’d agree
But one thing I can’t believe they’ve gone away
They’ve gone away
And they’ve flown away at such a speed
Track Name: Shining Wheels
Shining wheels upon the drive
Don’t get much abuse
And yet the latest SUV
Promised to cut you loose
And the thing stuck to your ear
Will never set you free
It just keeps you in one place
As it proceeds to microwave your mind
Leave the blessed thing behind
Consider life before, remember less is more

Do you own a quiet get-away?
Does it have some land?
Does it have an ocean view?
Is it nearly on the sand?
Take the Jeep out for a spin
Introduce it to some dirt
Find some connection with the land
And convince yourself it was worth every single dime
If only you could find the time
Ditch the 4×4, remember less is more
Track Name: Song for Morrie
In the haze of morning
He contemplates the day ahead
Another Tuesday has come around

He is never lonely,
People come and go all the while
He likes to listen, they like to be heard

And in his fading days
He’s content to watch the world go by
A window pane his television
There’s little more to know but much to tell

In the heat of afternoon
He keeps his mind from melting down
The final lesson is close at hand

He invested wisely
‘Cause cash doesn’t care when you’re wasting away
A loving helper is all he needs


His words of wisdom are what we need (repeat)

In the cool of evening
His tiny breath has failed to return
His words of wisdom are what we need
Track Name: The Voyeur
I see you, you’re as easy as the breeze
You like to come and go just how you please
I see you, you’re as busy as can be
You like to get things done to leave you more time free

But don’t get me wrong
For I don’t know you well
But I think that I can tell
By the way you pass me by

I see you, you’re in a world of your own
You don’t let anyone in, you like to be alone
I see you, you’re as careless as a child
Outside you look so cool, inside you feel so wild


I don’t even know her
I’m only the voyeur
I can only see her
I’ve never been with her
I’m only the voyeur
I can only see her
Track Name: I Didn't Mean a Single Word
Don’t be sad and don’t release your tears
Let me touch your face and watch the smile appear
I can’t bear to see the face that I adore
And in your eyes the rain about to pour

And now I’m sorry
Don’t know what hit me
I didn’t mean a single word I said
I didn’t mean a single word

Don’t get mad if I don’t think before I speak
I can’t remember what I say from week to week
I don’t mean to hurt the one I love so much
Perhaps I’m feeling down or maybe I’ve lost the touch

I didn’t mean it when I said goodbye
‘Cause you know I couldn’t leave you if I tried
So you let me once again try to make amends
And take back everything I said
I didn’t mean a single word

So I’ll be glad if I can make you understand
I sometimes lose the words I’d previously planned
If there’s no way for me to get the message through
All you need to know is that I mean to be with you
Track Name: Native Man
He went walking in golden mountains
He was a hunter
Nothing’s changed here since time immemorial
Just the proprietor

He went sailing on a clear blue ocean
He was a fisherman
Now he goes for miles without catching anything
But he does the best he can

Native man
How are you
Native man?

Sitting silently content and creative
He was a carver
He was busy with another work of art
Just before the fever


He was trained by Mother Nature
And tuned into the land
Until he found his white brother
And led him by the hand

Telling stories to the next generation
He is the elder
And he can you all about a fisherman
A carver and a hunter