by Chris Ronald

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released March 1, 2014

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Chris Ronald (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, ukulele), John Ellis (acoustic/electric/pedal steel guitar, dobro, banjo, mandolin), Rob Becker (upright/electric bass), Pat Steward (drums), Mike Sanyshyn (fiddle), Steve Hilliam (clarinet), Graeme Coleman (piano), Melissa Bandura & Deanna Knight (backing vocals)

Produced by John MacArthur Ellis
Engineered by Soren Lonnqvist and Jeff Jeffen
Mixed and mastered by Sheldon Zaharko
Recorded at Studio Downe Under and Fuse Studio
Photography and design by Derek Dix

All tracks written by Chris Ronald, apart from “Freedom to Flourish” written by Chris Ronald and Alex Burton.



all rights reserved


Chris Ronald Vancouver, British Columbia

Originally from England now living in Vancouver, Canada, Chris Ronald's music has been described as a melding of British roots and North American folk. His vocal and songwriting talents have won him countless performances and a passionately loyal following. Ronald's third and most recent (2014) album, Timeline, was produced by award-winning producer and multi-instrumentalist John MacArthur Ellis. ... more

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Track Name: Chaperone
The light is emerging
At the end of the tunnel
A brand new adventure
We cast off our old ways
The world is waiting
What does she have in store?

I sit in my armchair
Ear to the traffic
And countless engines
On pointless journeys
This is the city
The city that never sleeps

Come with me let’s go somewhere
Far, far away
I will be your chaperone
I will take the strain

We’ll take in the places
Through all of our senses
Across the borders
And under the fences
We’ll take some chances
But that’s what it’s all about

I’ll be your companion
The one to rely on
The one to guide you
And shoulder to cry on
Show me your weakness
I’ll only see your strength
Track Name: Timeline
Years ago an old friend said to me these words I can’t forget
“The path of less resistance may not be the one to tread.”
Well it wasn’t my intention to avoid the easy road
Or spend a half-life searching for a place for me to go

Time marches on, no use in lingering in the past
I’m treating everyday as if it’s going to be my last
And I’ve made myself a timeline so that everything is clear
And I see just where I’m at and where I want to go from here

“Follow your own star my son,” dear mother said one day
“As you seek out your destiny it will help you find the way.”
“But with so many to choose from how will I know which is mine?”
She said, “The brightest one is the one you’re meant to find.”


Now I see the many winding roads behind me
Now I see and I can read the signs that point the way to where I might find me

So I'm listening to the wise ones and I hear them telling me
"Do things that feed your soul and be the change you wish to see."
So I'm stocking up on soul food and going on my way
No more leaving till tomorrow things that I can do today
Track Name: The Mountaineer
There’s something about trains so appealing to the child
A journey so fantastic, imagination running wild
When you see a train in motion and you watch it on its way
You know that fascination never really went away

There’s something about trains, perhaps the smoothness of the ride
Or the rhythm of the rails or the folks you meet inside
It’s the thought of the adventure and the freedom that you feel
As you’re winding through the wilderness safe upon the steel

Sit back, take a load off, the rail road will steer
You haven’t seen this country if you haven’t been through here
Read a book, write a postcard, tell those you hold so dear
You haven’t missed a train until you’ve missed The Mountaineer

There’s something about trains, with every mile there’s something new
And each and every window has a photogenic view
And just around the corner is another wondrous thing
Like the turquoise of the water or an eagle on the wing


After bridges, after tunnels of a kind you’ve never seen
After mountains, after meadows, after forests so pristine
After rivers, after glaciers, after lakes so serene
You will pull into the station like your waking from a dream
Track Name: Freedom to Flourish
As the page turns on yet more missed opportunities
And again not much has really changed for you and me
And the future holds the same as far as you can see
Don’t you think it’s maybe time for something new?

And the sun sets once again on the less fortunate
Any help that you give is all the help they get
We’re among the richest nations in the world and yet
There are people who are struggling to survive

So let’s go back to basics
Start from the ground
With each road that we travel and sidewalk we pound
From farmhouse to penthouse
We can bring it all to bear
With the freedom to flourish and the wherewithal to care
The freedom to flourish and the wherewithal to care

So we’ll start with all the people in our neighbourhood
Till from coast to coast to coast it will be understood
We’ll embrace all walks of life that others never could
And the ones we haven’t talked to for a while
Track Name: Twenty Little Stars
Seems like any other morning
Coffee's on with breakfast on the table
Kids come down the stairs and
Sit on their usual chairs
And all of them have lost their appetites

'Cause twenty little stars are missing
Another shadow has been cast
Twenty little stars are missing from
The flag that flies half-mast

Outside it's business as usual
Everyone on the same old journey
Kids dressed, backpacks on with
Lunch made, homework done
But none of them want to go to school


Fulfill those promises of freedom
This is no job for redeemers
Can't fly a flag that has lost its stars
Can't have a dream without dreamers
Track Name: Entr'acte (The Sneeze)
Track Name: The Busker
He’s a master of the cover
“50 ways to leave your lover”
“Lie la-lie la-lie la-lie” and all that jazz
A living, breathing jukebox
The poster boy for hard knocks
But a memory full of songs ain’t all he has
For he’s a wizard with the pen
And he’s picked it up again
Like in the days when musicians still got paid
But he hasn’t made a dime
Since he put it all online
Giving everyone the choice to take or trade

He can’t rely on wages
Just the kind support of strangers
And a voice to sing a favourite melody
Though he hides a chequered past
Every bottle, every glass
Knows he’s had his lion’s share of misery
But he always has a smile
For every captivated child
Seems like they’re the only one who understand
That he’s not in search of pity
And a dollar for a ditty’s
Fair exchange to get to see a one-man band

Oh, the busker wears his heart upon his sleeve
Some words are tasting bitter but he’s not about to leave
And he’s trying not to show the disappointment on his face
Or think about the days gold and silver lined the bottom of his case

So there’s no need to begrudge him
Or worst of all prejudge him
‘Cause he’s just another guy with bills to pay
And if you can spare a loonie
Or better still a toonie
Compensate him for his music s’il vous plait
Yes if you hear a great street singer
And you feel the urge to linger
Toss a coin, make a wish then move along
For your money will go far
If you wish upon a star
That you never live a day without a song
Track Name: Cold Light of Day
I’m leaving first thing in the morning
Before daylight finds shadows forming
And the snow that rests upon the sidewalk
Will reveal my footsteps for a short while

And you’ll be getting ready for Christmas
In that old familiar neighbourhood around your house
And the cards will be strung above the fireplace
From the ones that you love and who love you

And I can’t wait to see your face
When you see me standing there in the doorway
Warm my heart with your embrace
Wrap me in your arms in the cold light of day

The memories come right out of nowhere
And hover like my breath in the cold air
Some I don’t mind if they linger
Some I’d like to blow away forever


Will you know me as you did before
When you see me waiting at that door
In the cold light of day?
Will you accommodate a change in me
Even if it isn’t plain to see
In the cold light of day?
(In the cold light…)
Track Name: Final Throes
It’s still turning
And you’ll soon be learning
How to repair it before it breaks
Will you forgive us?
And as you outlive us
Please don’t repeat all the same mistakes we made
This was out gift to you
Sorry it’s worn right through

Don’t sit on fences
Rely on the senses
Try to decipher the truth from lies
Patterns are shifting
And levels are lifting
And it’s been falling apart right before our eyes and now
This was our gift to you
Sorry it’s worn right through
And sorry to leave you so much to do

Well what will we say
To the children
When it’s time to go?
When it’s too late
To make a difference
In the final throes

And maybe you’ll be there
See the man in the big chair
Watch his machines as they grind to a halt
And crowns will be falling
But mother is calling
And she doesn’t care if it’s not you fault so here
This was our gift to you
Sorry it’s worn right through
And sorry to leave you so much to do
Track Name: Give It Time
If you’re hoping that the future’s going to bring you better days
And everything you know seems out of line
And everyone but you can see the error of your ways
Give it time, give it time

If an old wound has reopened and you’re wanting it to close
You can’t control what’s running through your mind
And you feel you’re just a player in the story that you chose
Give it time, give it time

You can cry in your coffee
Drown your worries in wine
You can eat all the comfort food you can find
You’ve just got to give it time

When the song you tried to write is laying crumpled on the floor
You’re facing up to being past your prime
And the ink that ran so freely isn’t flowing anymore
Give it time, give it time


When obstacles before you seem much bigger than they are
Mountain after mountain to be climbed
And all your aspirations have been set apart too far
Give it time, give it time

You can cry in your coffee
Drown your worries in wine
You can eat all the comfort food you can find

You can put pen to paper
Lay your heart on the lines
But in the end there’s only one way to leave it all behind
You’ve just got to give it time, give it time
Track Name: Ducks in a Row
Up, down, floating around
In a daze most of my life

In, out, messing about
Finding ways to waste all my time

It's puzzling to me how anyone can keep their ducks in a row
When I'm always straightening mine

Up, down, floating around
In a daze most of my life

Left, right, loosing sight
Of the things that keep me intact
Right, wrong, going along
With a scheme that’s all out of whack

It always seems to be that I can never see the woods for the trees
So easily getting bogged down

Left, right, losing sight
Of the things that keep me intact

It's puzzling to me how anyone can keep their ducks in a row
When I'm always straightening mine

Up, down, floating around
In a daze most of my life